I see the many landscapes that I pass through as a collection of sites that are layered with history and meaning where collective and personal memories create the places that we experience. Past events that may have taken place on a particular site have the power to transform the meaning of a place, albeit maybe only to those who know that history.

The concepts, values and desires that we attach to various landscapes seem to result in a hierarchy, where some places are valued more than others, both economically and conceptually. I am interested in the places that are commonly ignored, at best being considered inconsequential, at worst, representative of failure, decline and decay. These are the places that I want to make paintings of, and somehow indicate that there have been events that have taken place there that somehow change the meaning of that site, though we may not know or care what they are.

The photographs I choose to take, and then to alter and paint over, are of empty lots, generic, unremarkable buildings and old motels, to name a few.